For COMMERCIALS this website gives a good guide www.usefee.tv
On CORPORATES our rates start @ £400 per day for a ten (10) hour day which is 9hrs plus 1hr lunch.

Overtime is 1/5th (20%) of the BSF (basic studio fee).
If the BSF is £350 then overtime is £70 per hour or partial hour.
Rehearsal day(s) would be 50% (half of the BSF), so on a BSF of £400, then rehearsal days would be £200.
We do not generally do a 1/2 day rate.
Corporates are purely for in-house usage.  If the company wants to use it on the web, or at an exhibition or some other event open to the public then additional use fees would be negotiated. 

For VOICEOVERS the general rate is £250 an hour for studio time and any usage negotiated on top. A voiceover on a corporate would start at £350 per hour.  

Any questions about any rates please email or give us a call.

The American Agency was established in 2001 and is headed by Ed Cobb, an American who began his career in Los Angeles in the 1980's with legendary agents, Bill Robinson and Martha Lutrell before moving to work with the highly respected Merritt Blake Agency.

Most of our actors and actresses have either a native North American accent or one to a native Standard.  We also have clients with British accents as well as native Australian, Irish, French, German and Spanish speakers.



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